Nespresso® compatible - Mokarico NOIR 10 capsules


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⚜️ 100% Arabica : Kenya - Ethiopia - Honduras - India - Brazil.

🇮🇹 Nespresso ® compatible capsules. A high-quality blend from the Mokarico range.

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A 100% Arabica blend made by Mokarico, filled with flavors and the authentic know-how of this legendary roaster. Perfectly balanced acid and aroma. Nespresso®* compatible capsules.

A beautiful composition of different varieties of Arabica coffees, making it fully deserve their INEI certificate. The « Noir » blend has an intense smell, a dense and velvety flavor, with a dominant fruity-floral note, and notes of toasted bread and chocolate.

This blend consists of Brazilian Santos (Sul da Minas and Cerrado, Brazil) washed indians giving it roundness, chocolaty and spicy flavors, but also strength to this blend, Ethiopian coffee beans with their typical fruity and floral aroma, Honduran beans with their gentle citrus aromas and, last but not least, Kenyan washed beans to give intensity and this winy and very specifical taste as a final touch for this blend. Acidity and aroma are perfectly balanced. Mokarico Noir is THE blend for a real, dense espresso with an authentic flavor.

Mokarico Firenze is part of the elite in Italy, thanks to their experience and their mastery of aromas. This roaster has been based in Florence for over a century now. Their story begins when "la casa del caffè", founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the Barbier family who was based in a historic Florence street, "Corso dei Tintori", is taken over by the Paladini brothers, who created the brand Mokarico in 1936. Some coffee blends are even CERTIFIED by the INEI ! (Istituto nazionale dell'espresso Italiano -

Nespresso®*:*Brand owned by a third party unrelated to Mokarico or any other brand related thereto.


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