Lollo Caffè – Oro



(€2.50 / Pack)

Mixture of choice, for those who like well flavored coffees.

Higher Arabica content.

A creamy coffee to enjoy without moderation!

Compatible capsules for Nespresso ® machines.

Vary the pleasures with our wide range of products!

And do not forget, order more = pay less !

1 pack of 10 capsules = 2,50 € (0,25€ / capsule)

5 packs of 10 capsules = 11,50 € (0,23€ / capsule)

20 packs of 10 capsules = 44 € (0,22€ / capsule !)

Quantity (in number of capsules)

Blend with a fine and velvety taste. A must have!

The percentage of Arabica is higher in this variant, giving a precious and incomparable aroma to the coffee.

Ideal for those looking for a vibrant and sophisticated taste where sweet cream marries with delicate and elitist aroma. We really advise you to taste it!

Each capsule is packaged individually and is 100% compatible with Nespresso ® machines.

Lollo Caffè is a brand producing coffee according to the Neapolitan tradition, with a knowledge of their own.

A roasting company located in Scisciano made of commitment, professionalism, quality and extraordinary results
ange au goût fin et velouté
. Un must have !

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