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The ideal choice if you want a real Neapolitan coffee, but without caffeine.

Capsules compatible with a Nespresso ® machine. Vary the pleasures with our wide range of products!

And do not forget, order more = pay less !

100 capsules = 23,90 € (0,239€ / capsule)

200 capsules = 45,80 € (0,229€ / capsule)

400 capsules = 88 € (0,22€ / capsule !)

The classic aroma of Lollo Caffè but decaffeinated, finely balanced and roasted.

Each capsule is packaged individually and is 100% compatible with Nespresso ® machines.

Lollo Caffè is a brand producing coffee according to the Neapolitan tradition, with a knowledge of their own. A roasting company located in Scisciano made of commitment, professionalism, quality and extraordinary results.


The brand is not the property of Sorsi e Caffeina or companies related to it. The Nespressoo® system belongs to Nestlé®. There is no connection with the system and is in no way related to Sorsi e Caffeina. The capsules are compatible on Nespresso® machines and do not replace the use of the original capsules.

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