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Coffee made from 100% washed Robusta.

Origin of coffee beans: Uganda and India.

Intense taste, ideal for those who like coffees full of character.

ESE 44mm pods also known as "Cialde". Vary the pleasures with our wide range of products!

And do not forget, order more = pay less!

1 box containing 100 pods = 19,90 € (0,199 € / pod)

For 200 pods = 36,50 € (0,18 € / pod)

For 400 pods = 69,90 € (0,174 € / pod !)

An intense coffee characterized by a persistent cream, the ideal choice for those who want to refuel effectively.

"Robusta" beans of Ugandan and Indian origins. An exquisite blend, the kind of coffee you like to drink in the morning to replenish your energy.

44mm Easy Serving Espresso pods sealed to guarantee the taste of an authentic coffee sith every cup!

Italian Coffee
offers a wide selection of ESE pods at affordable prices, while guaranteeing a range of products rich in taste and good quality.


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