Italian Coffee - Mokacci'



(€3.95 / Pack)

Coffee, milk and chocolate ... One of the most popular hot drinks in Italy!

Compatible capsules for Dolce Gusto® machines.

Vary the pleasures with our wide range of products!

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1 pack of 16 capsules = 3,95 € (0,246€ / capsule)

6 packs of 16 capsules = 22,90 € (0,238€ / capsule)

24 packs of 16 capsules = 88,50 € (0,23€ / capsule !)

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One of the most appreciated hot drinks in italy, a cappuccino with touch of chocolate.

Our advice?
Add a little chocolate liquor in the bottom of the glass and ... enjoy!

These capsules are self-protected (anti-loss of aromas) to guarantee the taste of an authentic coffee even after opening the packaging!

Italian Coffee offers a wide selection of Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules at affordable prices, while guaranteeing a range of products rich in taste and good quality.

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