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The ideal choice if you want a real Neapolitan coffee, but without caffeine.

ESE 44mm pods also known as "Cialde". Vary the pleasures with our wide range of products!

And do not forget, order more = pay less !

1 pack of 150 pods = 35€ (0,23 €/ capsule)

For 300 pods = 64 € (0,21 €/ capsule !)

Quantity (in number of pads)

The classic aroma of Lollo Caffè but decaffeinated, finely balanced and roasted.

44mm Easy Serving Espresso pods sealed to guarantee the taste of an authentic coffee sith every cup!

Lollo Caffè is a brand producing coffee according to the Neapolitan tradition, with a knowledge of their own. A roasting company located in Scisciano made of commitment, professionalism, quality and extraordinary results.
classique du Caffè Lollo mais décaféiné, finement équilibré et grillé.

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