Coffees are just like wine. Every bean has its particular and unique taste.

We’ve always been coffee fans. We have Italian origins and often travel there to discover new cities, traditions (and of course to taste some typical food !) We also had the chance to visit a lot of local coffee producers and tasted some really good coffees. Every producer has its own technique, their own habits and coffee types.

We also had the chance to taste some more exotics products, coming from distant countries and that have their particular touch … coffee types that can be hardly found in Europe. It was while we were sipping an espresso made with our “cuccumella” that we had the idea to share with the whole world the brands that we’ve discovered while traveling !

And so here we are, starting our adventure. We invite to visit our website regularly because we will be adding products as soon as we’ve discovered that is worth to be tasted.

Buona giornata